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Come As You Are: Secrets From the Science of Female Sexuality

  • The Commons Learning Center 2901 Read Granberry Trail Austin, TX, 78758 United States (map)

The last twenty years of sex research and brain science have utterly transformed how we understand the brain mechanism of sex and female sexuality. How does sexual frustration work, and what can a person do about it? What’s going on in the brain, when a sensation that hurts in one context, feels pleasurable in another context? Why might a woman’s genitals respond to sexual violence? This workshop describes key insights from affective neuroscience and attachment theory into female sexuality and provides opportunities to develop strategies for using these insights in clinical and educational interventions, particularly around sexual dysfunction, but also in promoting sexual health and consent, supporting trauma survivors, and training sex educators, therapists and sex geeks in Texas.

Could there be a single, universal principle that can transform the sex lives of people of all genital configurations, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all relationship configurations, all body shapes and sizes, all colors, and maybe even all religions? Emily thinks there could be, and it’s this: Put pleasure at the center of your definition of sexual wellbeing. 


  • Identify the three components of the dual control model
  • Describe the relationships among "wanting," "liking," and "expecting," as distinct neurological processes, 
  • Explain the ways that context - external circumstances and internal mental state - influence the brain's response to stimulation
  • Use at least two strategies for incorporating the insights of affective neuroscience into client education


Emily Nagoski is a sex educator, author, research and activist who has a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a doctoral concentration in human sexuality from Indiana University (IU), and a Master’s degree (also from IU) in Counseling, with a clinical internship at the Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Clinic. She also has a B.A. in Psychology, with minors in cognitive science and philosophy, from the University of Delaware. While at IU, Emily worked as an educator and docent at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction. She also taught graduate and undergraduate classes in human sexuality, relationships and communication, stress management, and sex education.

See Dr. Emily Nagoski present at TEDx


with Dr. Karen Rayne & Sam Killermann

Come enjoy a night of classy debauchery while still earning your CEUs. Part comedy show, part lively Q&A, complete lasciviousness — it's the perfect way to spend an evening in Austin, TX. The show is interactive (if you choose) and full of variety. You're allowed to laugh. You're allowed to learn. You're allowed to be uncomfortable. This is a show that's as entertaining as it is enlightening. We'll talk about the things you've been afraid to ask about, but in a light-hearted, enjoyable, intentionally-non-intimidating fashion.

Dr.Karen Rayne has been working in education for the past two decades with an expertise in sexuality education. She has her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from UT Austin, where she focused on ethics education and the choices that adolescent mothers make. Dr. Rayne founded Unhushed in order to open conversations about sexuality in the home. Dr. Rayne works locally with many private schools including St. Stephens and St. Andrews and nationally with the American Journal of Sexuality Education, the National Sex Ed Conference, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Dr. Rayne is passionate about providing comprehensive sexuality education to people of all ages and stages with sensitivity and a touch of humor.
Sam Killermann is a social justice comedian, and the guy behind It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, a one-man comedy show and blog about snap judgments, identity, and oppression (but in a totally funny way). He travels the country performing the show at colleges and universities, and writes articles about social justice, gender, and sexuality when he’s at home in Austin. Sam is the author of A Guide to Gender, a full exploration of gender from a social justice perspective, with humor and comics sprinkled in. He gave a well-received TEDx talk about the complexities of gender, and co-created the online resource about gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ+ sensitivity training The Safe Zone Project. It's safe to say that if Sam has a "thing," that thing is gender. 


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