Provocative Dialogue. Radical Collaboration.

The Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) promotes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to sexuality with the goal of fostering cooperation and dialogue among diverse professionals. We currently have communities in the Southwest and the Great Lakes areas.

Throughout the year, SHA facilitates communication among sexual health providers through our signature lecture series, roundtable forums, and educational workshops.  

Our events and programming are intended to build community, spark dialogue and encourage collaboration. We build communities that are well-informed and all inclusive. We're dedicated to bringing the brightest minds and biggest game changers in sexual health to the Southwest and now the Great Lakes.


Sexceptional Lecture Series!

Our Sexceptional Lecture Series are intended to provide provocative dialogue and radical collaboration. There are shorter (less than 3 hours long) to encourage participation from all fields and disciplines. We build communities that are well-informed and all inclusive. Currently serving Southwest (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), Golden Coast (Los Angeles), and Great Lakes (Michigan, Ohio, Chicago).

SouthWest Sexceptional Lecture Series

Great Lakes Sexceptional Lecture Series

Golden Coast Sexceptional lecture series



One of our goals is to provide a space for sexual health professionals such as urologists, OBGYNs, pelvic floor therapists, sexuality educators, and sex therapists to collaborate in a meaningful way. Our intention is to build healthcare communities that provide holistic, integrative services in an effort to bridge the divide between mental health and medical professionals. We believe that to become better providers, we need to become better collaborators.


We offer CEUs to MDs, Clinical Psychologists, LPCs, LMFTs, LCSWs, LCDCs, and sexuality professionals seeking AASECT certification. We recognized a need within the mental health and medical community for more opportunities for sexual health education. We seek to fill that knowledge gap for both seasoned and new professionals to deepen and support affirmative care. CEUs will be primarily offered through our signature series, Sexceptional Lectures. 



Community events include Sex Nerd Trivia, Sex Nerd Book ClubSpark! Roundtables, and other gatherings. Sex Nerd Trivia is a rowdy event intended to help build the community. Spark! Roundtables are designed to ignite dialogue, inspire collaboration and encourage progression of discourse among thinkers from diverse academic and professional disciplines. Expert panelists will be selected based on their ability to add a unique, fresh perspective. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Sexual Health Alliance (SHA)!


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