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WANTED: Find the Clitoris

Esther Perel says she's "cliterate" -are you?

Check out her wonderful blog about #getcliterate HERE

We have hidden 3D printed clitorises around Austin to be found by adventurous clitoris lovers!  We will be giving out GPS maps to help. It's a body positive geocache!

Our new friend, Leah Love (See more below) is helping us with a new game. We hope you play along!

And, best of all.... Every Winner gets TWO tickets to our Masquerade Ball on December 3rd!

Rules of the game:

limit 1 per person (Sharing is caring!)
"Win" by finding one of the models.

Post directly to our FB page when you have found one! Pics encouraged!
Email us and receive TWO general admission tickets to the Masquerade Ball.  Let us know which one you found (this one is # X)

Clit #5 – Play Nice!

Coordinates: N30 12.777’ W97 48.007

Hint: It’s the only one around


Clit #6 – 8 Legged Giant

Coordinates: N30 17.359’ W97 41.959’

Hint: Arachnophobia


FOUND! Clit # 7 – Want to play a (disc golf) game? 

Coordinates: N30 18.189’ W97 41.560’

Hint: Follow the Shady Brook Road


Clit #8 - It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.

Coordinates: N30 12.776’ W97 39.714’

Hint: Let’s ride a bike!


Clit #9 – Bring Lunch!

Coordinates: N30 19.428’ W97 46.414’

Hint: Into the brush, but not too far!


Clit #10 – No Need to Bring Something to Read

Coordinates: N30 12.998’ W97 51.317’

Hint – What’s behind it?


Found! Clit #12 – Think(ery) about it!

Coordinates: N30 17.447’ W97 44.370’

Hint: Light my fire


Clit #13 Ommmmmm

Coordinates: N30 15.322’ W45.657’

Hint: Just a step away


Clit # 14 – Where is Bartholomew

Coordinates: N30 18.127’ W97 41.550W

Hint: Light my fire


Clit #15 – Don’t Luz it!

Coordinates: N30 15.876’ W97 45.676’

Hint: Between a tree and a hard place…


Clit #16 – Spice it up!

Coordinates: N30 22.162’ W97 45.327’

Hint:  You don’t have to go up


Clit #17 – Stretch Yourself

Coordinates: N30 15.783’ W97 48.931’

Hint: Don’t wander in too far


Clit #19 – What a View!

Coordinates: N30 19.238’ W97 46.414’

Hint:  You may have to beat under the bush


Clit #20 – Play the Field, Dog Gone It!

Coordinates: N30 16.172’ W97 45.620’

Hint:  Leave no stone unturned

Clit #1 FOUND!
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Coordinates:  N30 15.318’  W97 43.096’
Hint: It’s okay to be a block head.

Clit #2 FOUND by Tali Boots! Congrats Tali!!
Don’t be a Dick!
Coordinates:  N30 12.751’   W97 51.786’
Hint: Keep on rocking!

Clit #3 FOUND!
Get Juicy
Coordinates:  N30 11.121’  W97 50.857’
Hint:  Hugging a tree.

If you would like to purchase a 3D printed Clitoris for your practice, office or educational agency, email

Why is this important? Well, until recently the clitoris was thought to be the the size of a pea. But in 1998, Urology surgeon Dr. Helen O'Connell, helped the world understand that the clitoris is actually bigger by using magnetic resonance imaging.

The clitoris has 8,000 sensitive nerve endings (that's twice as many as in the glans of a penis) and continues to grow throughout a woman's life.

A special thank you to Leah for helping us organize this game! Leah Love is a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality teacher.  She helps women find their own power to heal, truly love themselves, and embrace their bodies through Tantric and Taoist practices.  These practices help women to connect to their own sacred feminine power source to ground themselves in their bodies, feel more open, accepting and loving, happier, and more orgasmic.  Leah’s specialty is teaching Taoist Jade Egg techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor, increase sensation, and release emotional blocks. To find out more visit -


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