SHA Membership Guidelines

Individuals joining the Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) must attest and adhere to the following:

  1. SHA members agree to uphold SHA’s Purpose and Mission.

  2. SHA members shall put the welfare of the clients first.

GOAL: Our primary goal is to provide educational opportunities to educate and empower all professionals who might see individuals with sexuality related concerns.

SHA also provides a space for all therapists, healthcare providers and sexual health professionals to collaborate in meaningful ways to improve the sexual health of individuals seeking care.

SHA programming is intended to build community, provide provocative dialogue and encourage radical collaboration. We build communities that are well-informed and all inclusive. We’re dedicated to bringing the brightest minds and biggest game changers in sexual health to our communities.


Given that clients and patients are in a unique and vulnerable position with respect to the sensitive nature of services related to sexuality education, counseling, therapy, research and supervision, SHA members shall consistently be mindful of the responsibility for protection of the consumer’s welfare, rights and best interests and for the rigorous maintenance of the trust implicit in the consumer relationship.

  1. All members shall, conduct themselves professionally contact and with accordance to the SHA mission and purpose:

    1. As a SHA member it is your responsibility to uphold the Brand, Image, and Integrity of SHA.

    2. SHA’s mission includes responsibility for providing education and certification for sexual health professionals. SHA’s objectives are to protect the consumer and to ensure that the public is not misled by inaccurate claims.

    3. Honesty and Integrity: SHA members conduct their professional affairs in ways that inspire trust and confidence. As such, they aspire to truth, honesty, accuracy, and the avoidance of fraudulent activity, and they act in ways that respect others’ welfare and dignity.  Any misrepresentation or misleading of the public as to professional qualifications or to certification status could result in denial or termination of membership.

    4. SHA membership is a club for everyone! SHA is all inclusive, we have Respect for People’s Rights, Dignity, and Diversity: SHA members affirm: (a) we do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, health condition, or marital, domestic, or parental status; (b) everybody has the right to hold and express their opinions and beliefs without prejudice and persecution; (c) everybody is entitled to express opinions that are different from those of the majority; and (d) everybody has equal rights and responsibilities as members

    5. SHA encourages everyone to be Radical!

One of our goals is to provide a space for sexual health professionals to collaborate in a meaningful way. This includes urologists, OBGYNs, RNs, pelvic floor therapists, sexuality educators, and therapists. We intend to build healthcare communities that provide holistic, integrative services in an effort to bridge the divide between mental health and medical professionals. We believe that to become better providers, we need to become better collaborators.



Terms and Conditions:

  • By signing up for membership, Member agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Membership will be automatically renewed 1 year after sign-up date.

  • Member is responsible for canceling membership prior to renewal date.

  • Cancellation of SHA Membership - This is ‘Self-Service’, member must:

  1. Users must cancel their own subscription, prior to renewal.

    1. Logon on to and Click ‘My Account’ in bottom right hand corner.

    2. Click on the ‘Manage Memberships’ tab and there will be a ‘red’ cancel button on the top right. This will cancel your subscription.

  2. Membership cancellation and username cannot be reversed once completed. Please make sure you are completely sure of the cancellation.

  • At this time we cannot process refunds, and cannot refund Credit Cards.

  • All Sales are final.