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May 6

The Tantra Informed Practitioner: A Sexceptional Weekend w/ Dr. Sally Valentine

  • Double Tree Hilton
CEUS FOR LPC, LMFT, LCSW & PSYCHOLOGISTS 8 CEUS for both Friday & Saturday 6 CEUS for Saturday Only


8 CEUS for both Friday & Saturday

6 CEUS for Saturday Only

Join us for a Sexceptional Weekend on Tantra w/ Dr. Sally Valentine! 

Friday May 5th (6pm-8pm): An introduction to Tantra with a special experiential evening with guided exercises. Bring a date or come solo! 

Friday is @ the Zero Circle Center 8700 Gallant Fox Rd. Austin, Texas 78737

Saturday May 6th (10am-5pm): "Deepening the Tantra Aware Practitioner" which includes Workbook

Educational + advanced experiential exercises, all levels welcome

Saturday is @ The DoubleTree Hotel


What sexual issues can tantra help with?
How can we bring popular tantra practices into our work with clients?
Hear about Sally's experience with tantra and sex therapy and education.

OPEN TO EVERYONE. We have been looking forward to this for months...It's a weekend you cannot miss. A Sexceptional Weekend with Dr. Sally Valentine centered around Tantra. Come hang out in Austin, TX with us!

Book your room Friday and/or Saturday night starting @ $132. This is the DoubleTree Hotel where the saturday lecture is being held.

This is an experiential workshop designed to provide you with energizing tantric practices, as well as other sacred practices, that will enhance emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy. These practices will focus on making a connection with self and others through exercises that will heighten awareness, sensuality, passion and pure joy! 

**Learn how to integrate Tantra into your practice with clients and patients!**

  1. Compassionate listening and verbal/sexual communication
  2. Explore and release sexual fears and old beliefs of sexuality
  3. Tantric Visualization and centering techniques
  4. Greater understanding of the connection between spirituality and sexuality
  5. Tantric practices through breath work, energy and body movement
  6. Discover how latest scientific research supports the wisdom of ancient tantra

Learning Objectives (letters are for AASECT CEUs)

  1. Describe Tantra practice on four levels (E, F, H, I)
  2. Identify four Tantra principles useful for sexual wholeness (B, E, M)
  3. Demonstrate Tantric breathing techniques that may enhance energy movement in the body (E, M)
  4. Identify the effects of negative sexual messages/experiences and sexual fear on healthy sexuality (B, C, D, H, J) 
  5. Describe the 7 main energy centers in the Chakra system (I)
  6. Demonstrate and identify the benefits of Kegel exercises (G, I, H)
  7. Discuss how scientific research supports some of the wisdom teachings of Tantra (Q)
  8. Discuss how sacred, spiritual sex differs from mechanical sex (E, F, I)

Are you a licensed clinician? Purchase the option below with CEUs even if you do not need them. For those seeking AASECT certification, core knowledge areas, CKA, include: B, C, E, F, H, I, J, M. Please go to to determine specific CKA's. *Please note: Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. 

Are you an Advocate? Purchase the option for advocates. An Advocate is anyone that talks to someone about sex but does not hold a clinical license. This includes medical providers, midwives, sex educators, coaches, GTAs, PA's, physical therapists, pelvic floor therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists,  tantra practitioners, tantra teachers, bodyworkers, sexual surrogates, sex positive advocates, sex nerds, and partners. Bring your friends!

Friday night: Please bring any floor pillows and yoga mats - we will  provide ambiance through candles, music, and much more!

(The Zero Circle Center: A spiritual center in the Hill Country)


Sally Valentine, PhD, FAACS holds a doctorate in clinical sexology, is a licensed clinical social worker, certified sex therapist, certified EMDR therapist, certified hypnotherapist, certified Imago Relationship Therapist, and a registered Sivananda yoga teacher. She has extensive training in sex therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, trauma resolution and tantric mind-body therapy. Sally has a private practice in Boca Raton, FL and specializes in relationship/intimacy issues, sexuality concerns, trauma and life stressors. She facilitates a program in Personal Transformation Intensive which focuses on codependency, addiction, sexual abuse, mind/body issues and relationships. Additionally, Sally is an AASECT Certified Supervisor for Sex Therapists and a state approved Clinical Supervisor for Licensees of Clinical Social Work. She works toward empowering new therapists with a solid foundation of clinical experience, direction and support which ultimately benefits the clients they counsel. 

Dr. Valentine is a national and international presenter and workshop facilitator. She teaches in areas of enhancing sexuality, tantra sexuality, healing the mind-body connection of trauma, and personal growth transformation. Sally is a fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology. She is an active member of the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, National Association of Social Workers, Imago Relational Therapy International, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Association and EMDR International Association. 

Praise for Dr. Valentine

“It has been said that Sally’s teaching is legendary. If one's relationship needs sparks or self needs re-centering, if touch lacks intention or gaze lacks presence, it’s well known, a weekend of instruction with Sally can open up new personal vistas and spots of comfort.

Using trauma-informed Tantra and other mindfulness exercises, Sally helps people to relax, regroup, find new beauty and curiosity, and recreate. With blissful breathing, authentic encounter, intimacy skills, and help re-establishing bonds with self and others, she helps her students and clients develop new emotional and spiritual ways of being. Sally works especially well with couples challenged by earlier trauma, with young people wondering how to create good partnerships, and with empty nesters looking to reconnect.” 

***No nudity or sexual activity occurs in this workshop. Please note that this workshop is for individuals/couples who wish to learn how to partner in ways that honor spiritual connection and sensual-sexual satisfaction. It is not suitable for individuals/couples whose relationship is under stress, and who might better be advised to seek professional counseling.

We are reserving a block of rooms at the DoubleTree Hotel, please watch for an email about this. The hotel has recently been remodeled and is GORGEOUS. The address is: 6505 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78752.

9:00 am09:00

Sexceptional Consultation Group + Women's March!

Sexceptional Consultation Group + Women's March!

with Doug Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, CST

We Couldn't Miss This Historic Event...

Based on your feedback, the Sexceptional Lecture is now a Special Consultation Group w/ Doug Braun-Harvey on Jan. 21st from 9am-11am. Then we'll all head to the Capitol to march afterwards!



We Couldn't Miss This Historic Event...


Based on your feedback and conversations with Doug, the Sexceptional Lecture is now: 

  • A Special Consultation Group w/ Doug Braun-Harvey

  • Jan. 21st from 9am-11am

  • Then we'll all head to the Capitol to march afterwards

  • The consultation group will be limited and you will need to reserve your seat below. Everyone who bought a lecture ticket will be refunded. 

It's a Sexceptional -Historical- Day you can't miss. We will be marching for women's rights, social justice and equality of opportunity.

Everyone, please join Doug Braun-Harvey and SSHA at the Women's March @ the Texas State Capitol
Jan. 21st, 2017 at noon

The largest certifying board for Sexual Health (AASECT) recently announced the rejection of the concept and treatment of "Sex Addiction."

Let's learn why together...

Join us in Austin for a Sexceptional Class to learn the latest research and surprising findings on "Sex Addiction." We will learn about the wonderful alternative to treating out of control sexual behavior (OCSB). This two hour class will provide a forum for expansive dialogue and discussion about the recently published book "Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Rethinking Sex Addiction" by Doug Braun-Harvey and Michael Vigorito (2016).

Doug Braun-Harvey’s innovative OCSB treatment model, based on over 20 years of clinical experience (co-developed with Michael Vigorito), combines extensive clinical practice with science and research from sexual health, human behavior, motivational change, attachment, self-regulation and eroticism within a combined individual and group therapy treatment model. The collaborative client/therapist treatment relationship is founded on the principle of men taking responsibility for defining and integrating their personal sexual health vision.


Doug Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGP, CST

Sexual health author, trainer and psychotherapist Douglas Braun-Harvey bridges sexual and mental health and facilitates organizational change. In 2013 Doug Braun-Harvey and Al Killen-Harvey co-founded The Harvey Institute, an international education, training, consulting and supervision service for Improving health care through integration of sexual health. He teaches and trains nationally and internationally linking sexual health principles within drug and alcohol treatment, group psychotherapy, HIV prevention and treatment, and child maltreatment.   

Since 1993 he has been developing and implementing a sexual health based treatment approach for men with out of control sexual behavior (OCSB). His new book “Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Rethinking Sex Addiction” written with co-author Michael Vigorito was published in 2015. Previous publications include “Sexual Health in Recovery: Professional Counselor’s Manual” (2011) and “Sexual Health in Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Group Facilitator’s Manual” (2009). 

Mr. Braun-Harvey is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Group Psychotherapist and Certified Sex Therapist. He currently serves as Treasurer of AASECT and is honored, as an alumni of the University of Minnesota, to join their Advisory Board for the Program in Human Sexuality in which he is a founding donor of the Doug Braun-Harvey Fellowship in Compulsive Sexual Behavior. He has been providing individual and group therapy in his San Diego private practice since 1987.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsor!

Derek Leighton, LMFT, LPC, NCC, CGP, CST  Certified EMDR & Sex Therapist | Leighton & Associates

Derek Leighton, LMFT, LPC, NCC, CGP, CST  Certified EMDR & Sex Therapist | Leighton & Associates


Here's a compiled list of a variety of clients that either self-diagnosed as sex addicts or were diagnosed by others including professionals, partners, clergy and the internet.  

What is considered Out of Control Sexual Behavior? And, how do we help?

4 y.o. female rubbing genitals on furniture for pleasure.  This was happening daily.  Parents called because they "knew" she was a sex addict and wanted early intervention.

42 y.o. male, father of five and widow who masturbated to heterosexual porn daily - sought treatment for being a sex addict because he couldn't stop despite his efforts in trying. 

22 y.o. newly married, masturbated to het porn 4 times in past year, dx as sex addict by partner, bishop and self.

42 y.o. single female in a secret sexual relationship with child's father who is married to another woman. Wants to stop having sex with man but say she can't. Self diagnosed as sex addict due to finding a sex addiction treatment center website with sex addict online questionnaire.

16 y.o. gay, male, Catholic. Masturbates to gay porn occasionally but views porn to explore his identity and fantasies because "I can't talk to anyone." Self diagnosed.

26 y.o. het female married.  Masturbates three times a week to alleviate stress and aid in falling asleep.

68 y.o. married het male married 30 years.  Sexless marriage for the past 10 years.  Tried to find women online but found it difficult.  Found it was easier to meet men.  Had sex with four men over the past three years.  Therapist dx him a sex addict due to having sex with other men despite identifying as straight.

32 y.o. cis het male, married with one child.  Masturbated to videos of women stripping on youtube once a morning for 20 minutes while using the bathroom.  Wife dx him as an addict because he did not tell her he was doing it. 

31 y.o. cis het male, wears women’s panties all day and then masturbates in the mirror wearing the panties.  Wife discovers behavior and go to counseling with a church leader.  Both agree his is a sex addict and is referred to treatment. 

48 y.o. married het male, masturbates two times a week to Victoria Secret magazines to balance out desire discrepancy.  Has sex weekly with wife.

9:30 am09:30

Cutting Edges of Alternative Sexualities in Therapy



A special evening with National Experts
with Dr. Richard Sprott & Dr. Anna Randall

The Psychobiology of Kink, the Psychology of Consent, and Interest Discrepancy in Relationships: Cutting Edges of Alternative Sexualities in Therapy

A special day-long (Saturday Dec 3rd) conference open to all professionals and sexual health professionals on working with kink sexualities and consensual non-monogamies, with a focus on mind-body interactions around BDSM, issues around consent and how alternative sexuality communities negotiate consent, and the dynamics of discrepancy in sexuality interests in people’s committed relationships with others.

For those that are a little more sex're invited to a special evening. We will blow away the common myths about what it is, theorize on where it comes from, and what might be really happening, There will be tips on how to better enjoy the altered consciousness that can be experienced in BDSM.  Plus...for the adventurous mind...A special toy bag tour and more from South Austin Kinksters!


  • Identify three aspects of competent care in working with kink-oriented clients
  • Articulate several reasons and motivations for engaging in kink behavior
  • Outline the biological aspects of pain and pleasure perception and experiences
  • Discuss the issues around consent as a psychological process
  • Apply concepts of competent care with kink-oriented clients to specific types of commonly presented problems


9 am to 10 am

  • Brief Introduction to Kink / BDSM Behaviors, Identities, Communities
  • Questions to Guide the Workshop
  • Overview of “Kink Competent Care”

10 am to 11 am

  • Motivations for Engaging in Kink
  • Psychobiology of SM

11 am to 12 noon

  • Psychobiology of SM
  • People using Kink to Self Regulate or to Heal

12 noon to 12:45 pm Lunch Break

12:45 - 1 pm

  • Review and Questions

1 pm - 2 pm

  • Consent and Consent Violations

2 pm - 3:30 pm

  • Case Study Presentation and Discussion

Recommended Readings

Nichols, M. (2006). Psychotherapeutic Issues with “Kinky” Clients. Journal of Homosexuality, 50:2-3, 281-300.

Sprott, R.A., Randall, A., Davison, K., Cannon, N., and Witherspoon, R.G. (in review). Alternative or non-traditional sexualities and therapy: A case report. Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session. 

Dr. Richard Sprott (CARAS)

Dr. Richard Sprott (CARAS)

Dr. Anna Randall (TASHRA)

Dr. Anna Randall (TASHRA)

12:30 pm12:30

Sex Outside the Lines: Liberating Sex from Culture, Psychology and Normativity w/ Dr. Chris Donaghue

  • Omni Austin Hotel Southpark



Allow us to introduce you to a game changer... Dr. Chris Donaghue

    *With Keynote Speech from Buster Ross, MA, CSC, LPC, CADC II**










        • Break down the limiting cultural and psychological structures to create a more expansive and inclusive view of sexual-relational health
        • Demonstrate how "normal" is oppressive and shaming
        • Challenge current sexual diagnoses and disorders as flawed, pathologizing, and heteronormative
        • Provide a new vision for sexual-relational health


        • Psychological, Neuro, and Sexual differences aren’t disorders
        • Challenging Shaming Narratives around Non-Normative Sex and Relationships
        • Sex Addiction as Sex Phobia
        • Sexual Diagnoses as Body Shaming and Policing of Diversity
        • Deconstructing Intercourse Biased Sex  
        • Flaws of a Heteronormative Fantasy of Marriage
        • Tyranny of Monogamy 
        • Gender, Identity and Orientation as Traumas
        • Problems with Medical & Therapeutic Models


        • 12:30-1:30pm Sex Nerd Trivia (Included with your ticket! Win big!)

        • 1:45-2:30pm Keynote with Buster Ross, MA, CSC, LPC, CADC II

        • 2:30-4:30pm Sexceptional Lecture with Dr. Chris Donghue!


          Dr. Chris Donaghue is a Doctor of Clinical Sexology and Human Sexuality, Doctoral trained in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Clinical Therapist, and a Certified Sex Therapist.

          Dr. Donaghue specializes in individual and couples sex and marital therapy, as well as sexual compulsivity, sexual anorexia, sexual dysfunctions, and non-traditional sexuality, identities, and relationships.

          Dr. Donaghue is a member of American Association of Sex Counselors, Educators, and Therapists (AASECT) and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS). Chris is one out of only four hundred individuals who completed the extra training to receive his CST Credentials.

          Dr. Donaghue is the co-host of the new "Loveline Podcast with Amber Rose," a featured expert and guest co-host on CBS' "The Doctors" TV show, featured expert on VH1's "The Amber Rose Show." He has been featured on The Today Show, VICE, CNN, HLN, OWN, Nightline, Dr. Drew and featured in Newsweek, New York Times, Daily Beast, Men's Health, Cosmo, and National Geographic.

          Dr. Chris Donaghue is the author of “Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture,” that is currently used in the curriculum as UCLA, Princeton, and USC. Order the book on Amazon here.

          Keynote Speaker

          Buster Ross is an AASECT-Certified Sexuality Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II. Buster previously worked as the National LGBTQ Program Director at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where he continues to teach graduate students on topics related to human sexuality and substance use disorders. He currently is involved in developing training materials for doctors working harm reduction with opioid addicts, having been to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and SAMHSA Headquarters on more than one occasion to consult on drug policy and treatment in the U.S.

          This program is officially approved for 3.5 AASECT CEUs. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. Please see the AASECT website for full certification requirements.


          1:00 pm13:00

          Come As You Are: Secrets From the Science of Female Sexuality

          • The Commons Learning Center

          The last twenty years of sex research and brain science have utterly transformed how we understand the brain mechanism of sex and female sexuality. How does sexual frustration work, and what can a person do about it? What’s going on in the brain, when a sensation that hurts in one context, feels pleasurable in another context? Why might a woman’s genitals respond to sexual violence? This workshop describes key insights from affective neuroscience and attachment theory into female sexuality and provides opportunities to develop strategies for using these insights in clinical and educational interventions, particularly around sexual dysfunction, but also in promoting sexual health and consent, supporting trauma survivors, and training sex educators, therapists and sex geeks in Texas.

          Could there be a single, universal principle that can transform the sex lives of people of all genital configurations, all gender identities, all sexual orientations, all relationship configurations, all body shapes and sizes, all colors, and maybe even all religions? Emily thinks there could be, and it’s this: Put pleasure at the center of your definition of sexual wellbeing. 


          • Identify the three components of the dual control model
          • Describe the relationships among "wanting," "liking," and "expecting," as distinct neurological processes, 
          • Explain the ways that context - external circumstances and internal mental state - influence the brain's response to stimulation
          • Use at least two strategies for incorporating the insights of affective neuroscience into client education


          Emily Nagoski is a sex educator, author, research and activist who has a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a doctoral concentration in human sexuality from Indiana University (IU), and a Master’s degree (also from IU) in Counseling, with a clinical internship at the Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Clinic. She also has a B.A. in Psychology, with minors in cognitive science and philosophy, from the University of Delaware. While at IU, Emily worked as an educator and docent at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction. She also taught graduate and undergraduate classes in human sexuality, relationships and communication, stress management, and sex education.

          See Dr. Emily Nagoski present at TEDx

          THAT S.E.X. SHOW

          with Dr. Karen Rayne & Sam Killermann

          Come enjoy a night of classy debauchery while still earning your CEUs. Part comedy show, part lively Q&A, complete lasciviousness — it's the perfect way to spend an evening in Austin, TX. The show is interactive (if you choose) and full of variety. You're allowed to laugh. You're allowed to learn. You're allowed to be uncomfortable. This is a show that's as entertaining as it is enlightening. We'll talk about the things you've been afraid to ask about, but in a light-hearted, enjoyable, intentionally-non-intimidating fashion.

          Dr.Karen Rayne has been working in education for the past two decades with an expertise in sexuality education. She has her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from UT Austin, where she focused on ethics education and the choices that adolescent mothers make. Dr. Rayne founded Unhushed in order to open conversations about sexuality in the home. Dr. Rayne works locally with many private schools including St. Stephens and St. Andrews and nationally with the American Journal of Sexuality Education, the National Sex Ed Conference, and the Unitarian Universalist Association. Dr. Rayne is passionate about providing comprehensive sexuality education to people of all ages and stages with sensitivity and a touch of humor.
          Sam Killermann is a social justice comedian, and the guy behind It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, a one-man comedy show and blog about snap judgments, identity, and oppression (but in a totally funny way). He travels the country performing the show at colleges and universities, and writes articles about social justice, gender, and sexuality when he’s at home in Austin. Sam is the author of A Guide to Gender, a full exploration of gender from a social justice perspective, with humor and comics sprinkled in. He gave a well-received TEDx talk about the complexities of gender, and co-created the online resource about gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ+ sensitivity training The Safe Zone Project. It's safe to say that if Sam has a "thing," that thing is gender. 


          Learn More About Dr. Karen Rayne and Sam Killermann - Two People in Austin You Need to Know!


          12:15 pm12:15

          Dr. Marty Klein - Sexual Intelligence: Innovative Approaches to Sexual "Function" and Satisfaction

          • Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark

          Most people say they want pleasure and closeness from sex, but during sex they typically focus on how they look, smell, and sound; obsess on what their partner is thinking; try to manage distracting thoughts & feelings; and most of all, attend to their performance.

          That leads exactly to what so many people fear: sexual “dysfunctions” like erection, orgasm, or desire problems. Therapists and self-help books can make things worse, because they’re trying to improve “functioning”—which is exactly wrong. Better friction doesn’t give people what they really want from sex: a sense of relaxation, playfulness, self-acceptance, and connection. Erections and lubrication don’t guarantee desire or satisfaction. And so treating people’s genitalia is the wrong approach to enhancing their passion or pleasure.

          In this seminar we examined:

          • How to help people identify the good reasons they don’t desire or initiate sex;

          • How people construct culturally-syntonic sexual narratives—and how we can help patients see and change them;

          • How to support people in making the transition from lust-driven sex to adult eroticism—and how to help people confront the existential issues that arise when they do;

          • How we can help people discover what their authentic sexual desires actually are, and how they can share these with a partner;

          • How to understand the role of Normality Anxiety and existential avoidance in sexual decision-making, and how to discuss this with patients.

          After attending this program, participants will be able:

          1. To describe how people make sex difficult for themselves
          2. To describe how to help people enjoy sex more
          3. To assess and discuss patients’ narratives about sex and their sexuality

          Dr. Marty Klein has been a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 34 years—that’s some 35,000 sessions with men, women, and couples.

          Marty is the award-winning author of seven books on sexuality and relationships, including the ground-breaking Sexual Intelligence. Psychology Today simply says “To improve your sex life, buy this book.” Marty is also the author of many training CDs, DVDs, and webinars.

          Marty is frequently quoted by the popular media, such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, National Public Radio, and Huffington Post. Marty is an outspoken critic of many popular and clinical ideas about sexuality and emotional health, and is a dedicated advocate of sexuality training for psychologists, physicians, attorneys, judges, clergy, and school boards.

          Marty’s blog and electronic newsletter Sexual Intelligence are frequently cited as sources of innovative thinking about sexuality, culture, politics, and the media. Last year he gave two U.S. Congressional briefings on evidence-based sex education.

          Each year Marty trains thousands of physicians, psychologists, and social workers across North America, Europe, and Asia—30 countries to date. Audiences consistently call his talks thought-provoking, down-to-earth, and entertaining. We’re expecting all three. 


          12:00 pm12:00

          Dr. David Ley - Porn: What You Need to Know

          • The Austin Centre

          Porn is everywhere. Over the past decade, access to pornography has increased, along with a stunning increase in the diversity of sexually explicit material now widely and freely available. More than ever before, issues related to pornography are entering the therapy office, related to marital conflicts, work-related problems, as well as issues involving sexual expression, libido, identity and gender conflicts. All occur within a complex social environment where attitudes towards sexual values are changing rapidly. Our media is filled with a confusing, polarized dialogue about the dangers of porn, at the same time that sexually-explicit images are used in advertising and entertainment. Across the country, people feel fear and shame about porn use, and most therapists have little training to support or conceptualize these issues.

          In this workshop, Dr. Ley brings his years of clinical and research expertise to bear, helping clinicians to understand how to effectively assess and treat porn-related issues, in a rich, sophisticated and evidence-informed manner. 


          • Assess the function and role of porn in people’s lives;

          • Conceptualize the individualized diversity and changing nature of pornography;

          • Use issues related to porn to gain a deeper understanding of a patient’s coping skills, sexual needs, communication and negotiation issues within relationships;

          • Understand the complex relationship between porn and sexual crimes;

          • Use porn therapeutically within relationships;

          • Respond therapeutically and effectively to concerns about porn addiction;

          • Support and encourage responsible, mindful and aware use of porn.  

          This workshop contains explicit imagery, language and media, used in a thoughtful, non-salacious manner to illustrate and broaden the dialogue.


          Dr. David J. Ley is an internationally-recognized expert on issues related to sexuality, pornography and mental health. He has appeared on television with Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil and others. He has been interviewed in publications ranging from the LA Times and the London Telegraph, to Playboy and Hustler magazines. Dr. Ley has published extensively in both the academic and “pop” realms of literature. His two books, The Myth of Sex Addiction (2012) and Insatiable Wives (2009) were revolutionary explorations of sexual issues which blended a powerful client-centered narrative with a rich understanding of psychology, biology and sociology. At the same time, he is Executive Director of a large behavioral health and substance abuse outpatient program, and consults across the country on both mental health and sexuality-related issues. As a result, Dr. Ley is able to bring a broad, practical approach to help mental health clinicians effectively address sexuality-related issues.



          Light lunch graciously provided by: Inamorata, LLC.

          The Buehler Institute - Premier Sponsor

          The Buehler Institute - Premier Sponsor

          Inamorata, LLC - Silver Sponsor

          Inamorata, LLC - Silver Sponsor