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Our Partner Programs

Try out the newest products, get exclusive access, fun FREEBIES and be ahead of the industry.


We have several partnerships that we will be announcing soon! Check back and in the mean time, grab some free lesson plans and condoms.

The Center for Sex Education is making free lesson plans available in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and STD Awareness Month.

You can access 4 free lesson plans from the AASECT-Award winning Teaching Safer Sex.

You can also access 3 lesson plans from Unequal Partners: Teaching about Power, Consent, and Healthy Relationships.

L. Condoms

If you haven’t heard of L. condoms before, you should get on the ball and check them out. They're kind of like the TOMS of safe sex -- for every condom purchased, they give one to a developing country. For only $4.95 shipping and handling, you can get a pack of three condoms delivered to your door. They want you to have safe sex as much as you do.


Free Condoms in texas

Order condoms (50 condom limit) and/or lubricant that best meets your needs through their online store. No shipping charge. (We have tested it and it's great!)

AstroGlide Samples

If you are not already aware, ASTROGLIDE is giving away free lube! Just thought you members should be the first to know. I just logged into the Website, filled out a simple form with about 10 fields, no credit card info was taken, and the lube was shipped on its way! You have the choice of up to 6 different samples! What a GREAT COMPANY!


condoms.jpg and will show you every store in your area that gives out free condoms and all you have to do is input your zip code! And typically, you can always find free condoms at your local Planned Parenthood.