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A Word about Coconut Oil

On coconut oil - PLEASE do not continue the outdated information that coconut oil is safe coz none of your clients have issues, you don't have issues, and it must be safe because it is from plants...

Ellen Barnard, owner of A Woman's Touch, sex educator and sex counselor whom I respect has this to say about the use of coconut oil as a vaginal lubricant: "For those wondering about coconut oil as a lubricant on the vulva or in the is a study on oral use of coconut oil that show that it reduced the population of lactobacillus as well as chlorhexidine did. Since we want a lactobacillus in the vagina, we can extrapolate that vaginal use may lead to an imbalance in the vaginal microbiome that might then cause an increase in the bacteria that cause a flare of bacterial vaginosis.

FYI, the reason we started looking for data is that we had quite a few women coming in and telling us that their health care provider recommended they use coconut oil as a lubricant and they were mystified by the fact that they started having more problems with BV. Our take on it is that coconut oil is both anti-fungal (the reason that providers like it; it kills candida) and anti-bacterial (the reason it kills lactobacillus and therefore the concern with its use as a lube).

Unfortunately there is no one doing solid research on the use of lubricants. Here is a link with limited information:

But nothing else that looks at the effect of different types of lubricants on the vaginal microbiome. The study done by the folks developing a rectal microbacide to fight HIV transmission looked at the effect of lubricants on the skin (or really on slug mucosa, a stand-in for mucous membranes on humans) and how moisture can be pulled out of the skin with some lubricants, but they did not look at the actual microbiome and lube effects on that."

In short she is saying: "Based on the data on how regular coconut oil can change the bacterial balance in mucous membranes, I do not ever recommend it for use inside the vagina. Some people find that it works fine for external vulvar or penis use for other kinds of play."

Please, please don't just perpetuate what others do, and cause damage to lives.



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