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Exploring the Petroglyphs & Sexceptional Webinar Series w/ Dr. David Ley on Ethical Porn

We were recently invited to explore the petroglyphs which inspired the drawings in Dr. Ley's latest bestseller. Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of the rock as a form of rock art. The ones in Albuquerque, like many, include fertility themes which celebrate ancient sexuality. Dr. Ley coined the phrase "PetroPorn" for these unique carvings.

Petroglyphs, cave drawings, geoglyphs and a variety of other "rock art" represent our ancestors views of the world, including sexuality. These ancient artists were just as interested in visual depictions of sex as we are today. They used chisels to depict their sexual desires, fantasies and adventures, the same way we use pixels and smartphones. Petro-porn includes group sex, bestiality, homosexuality and all of the diversity of sexuality that is visible on the Internet. This helps us put modern pornography in a broader context, seeing it as part of the broad diversity of human sexuality.

Dr. David J. Ley is an internationally-recognized expert on issues related to sexuality, pornography and mental health. He has appeared on television with Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil and others. He has been interviewed in publications ranging from the LA Times and the London Telegraph, to Playboy and Hustler magazines. Dr. Ley has published extensively in both the academic and “pop” realms of literature. His two books, The Myth of Sex Addiction (2012) and Insatiable Wives (2009) were revolutionary explorations of sexual issues which blended a powerful client-centered narrative with a rich understanding of psychology, biology and sociology.