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SHA Teams Up with Stripchat for AMA with Dr. David Ley!

SHA teams up with stripchat!

Stripchat Partners with Sex Addiction Experts for Cam Session Series
Sexual Health Alliance is partnering with Stripchat to bring clinical psychologists, sex researchers and relationship therapists onto its global cam platform to answer questions about sex addiction and online infidelity. The initiative will kick off Aug 1, 2019, with an hour-long cam session with our trusted advisor, Dr. David Ley.

“Cam users are passionate about cams, but the outside world doesn’t always accept,” says Max Bennet, Vice President of New Media at Stripchat. “Cam fans are more likely than other adult fans to struggle with shame and anxiety about their desires. This is a chance for them to get past some of the myths and stigma around porn, and talk to an expert what science actually says.”

A recent internal study from Stripchat showed that 42% of cam fans had experienced some anxiety about the time spent watching cams, with 11% reporting frequent or constant anxiety. Married viewers exhibit more anxiety than single people, with 29% saying they worried their cam use constituted cheating and 31% said it had caused conflicts in their relationship. The numbers were significantly higher for married women and viewers who identified as very religious.

6,000 people responded to a study — Here were some of the questions:

  • Is watching porn bad for my health?

  • Does watching cams count as cheating?

  • How can I stop masturbating?

  • Is it okay for women to watch cams?

  • Is it possible to fall in love with a cam star?

SHA Advisory Board member Dr. David Ley will appear on cam to discuss the latest research on the origins sexual shame, online infidelity and sex addiction.

“Sex Addiction: Myths and Facts” will take place on Stripchat on Aug 1, 2019 at 5PM ET. 

Users must be logged in in order to ask questions, however no membership to Stripchat is needed to view the session.

Survey data and other information about the initiative are available. READ MORE HERE.