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CARAS Conference 2017

By Alycia Williams, Great Lakes Operations Director

The 2017 CARAS Conference in Chicago brought together clinicians and researchers from across the country to share cutting edge information in the the field of alternative sexuality.  From the keynote address by Peter Chirinos and Caroline Shahbaz on The Wounded Clinician, to break out sessions on issues including consent, polyamory, BDSM as leisure, and personal growth through kink, conference attendees were exposed to thought provoking information.  The closing plenary was given by Richard Sprott and Anna Randall of TASHRA and presented the results from their first ever National Kink Health Survey.

The day ended with an award being presented to Russell Stambaugh by CARAS and NCFS for his significant contributions to and support for research, clinical training and advocacy on behalf of marginalized sexualities.  The entire auditorium was moved by Dr. Stambaugh's reflection on his long career as a pioneer in the field of alternative sexualities. 

The CARAS conference exemplified the vital and innovative nature of those working and living in alternative sexuality environments.  We look forward to meeting up again at the next CARAS conference!