Sex Geekdom Austin

tea & empathy with Sex Geekdom Founder, Kate McCombs

Kate is coming all the way from Australia for this tour! 

Read about Kate and this workshop here:

Tea & Empathy

Empathy is a communication superpower. When we can be present with others’ emotions – without immediately offering unsolicited advice – it transforms relationships. Professional and personal relationships benefit tremendously from improved empathy skills.

Empathy is the antidote to burnout. We often feel overwhelmed when we don’t feel seen, heard, and understood about the challenges we face. Wellbeing, creativity, and harmonious relationships thrive when empathy is present in micro-cultures (like within friendship groups, families, and workplaces).

I created Tea & Empathy to bring people together to practice this vital skill in a comfortable atmosphere. With a cup of tea in hand, we discuss what empathy is, what empathy isn’t, and how empathy can support our personal and professional relationships. Then we transition into an empathy skill-building activity that allows participants to give and receive empathy around the challenges in their lives. Participants often comment that after the activity, they feel recharged, understood, and empowered to support others.