ALL 3 Webinars w/ Ellen Barnard

Ellen Barnard
Ellen Barnard

ALL 3 Webinars w/ Ellen Barnard


Ellen Barnard - May 12

Aging and Sexual Health: Issues and solutions - 1.5 CEUs

Cancer Effects on Sexual Well Being - 2 CEUs

Non-pharmacologic approaches for sexual dysfunctions - 1.5 CEUs

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All 3 webinars w/ Ellen Barnard: 5 AASECT CEUs

1) Non-pharmacologic approaches to addressing common sexual dysfunctions: Learn when and how to recommend different types of lubricants, vibrators, dilators, pumps, erection rings and more. (1.5 CEUs)

2) Cancer's effects on sexual wellness and strategies for addressing these effects (2 CEUs)

3) Aging and sexual health: issues and solutions (1.5 CEUs)

  • 5 hour video presentation 
  • A copy of the Powerpoint slides used during webinar
  • 5 AASECT CEUs.  (Texas LPC, LMFT, LCSW and Psychologist CEs included)
  • Post test/ Evaluation for your CEU

Non-pharmacologic ways to address common sexual dysfunctions

The complex nature of sexuality and sexual function means that there are very few medications available to “treat” sexual concerns. This webinar will offer a variety of options for addressing the physiologic and cognitive reasons for the most common sexual dysfunctions using an integrative approach that utilizes education and easily available products. We will dive deeply into the distinguishing features of lubricants, vibrators, erection rings, pumps, dilators and more, so that participants can confidently make effective recommendations. 


  1. Identify the types of common sexual dysfunction that can be addressed through the use of commonly-available sexual health products. 
  2. To be able to describe to someone how to choose:
    • Appropriate lubricants for different situations
    • An appropriate vibrator for different needs
    • Appropriate erectile aids for different situations

Sexuality after Cancer

Increasing numbers of cancer patients are surviving, and they and their partners often experience distress and dissatisfaction related to changes in their sexual functioning and relationships. This workshop will offer sexuality professionals and health care providers concrete strategies for addressing the concerns of cancer survivors and partners in order to support healthy and thriving intimacy after cancer.  


  1. To understand the ways that cancer treatment affects both the sexuality of a person with cancer and their intimate relationships.
  2. Learn useful tools and approaches to help clients create satisfying intimacy with themselves and their partner(s).

Sexuality and Aging

As we get older we all experience changes in our sexuality and sexual function. These changes may be experienced as positive, negative or neutral.  There are many factors that determine how and how much these aspects of our lives change as we age. This program is appropriate for all types of sexuality professionals and health care providers.


  1. To understand the most common changes to sexuality and sexual function related to aging and chronic disease
  2. To identify the interventions available to help clients address concerns so that they may enjoy satisfactory sexual lives.