“5 Resources To Help You Talk To Your Kids About Sex And Sexuality” - by Amber Leventry

After years of sexual abuse, the ongoing processing and healing from those experiences has forced me to see my body and how it reacts to touch in ways others may never consider. And as a queer, non-binary person, it is both challenging and fun at times for me to explore and read about the nuances of sex. Talking about sex isn’t hard for me. I am pretty comfortable with it actually. I am an advocate for LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex ed in schools, and I am an advocate for my kids’ personal safety when it comes to touch, consent, and safe sex when they are ready to explore sexual relationships with themselves or others.Read More

“Sensual Sex: How To Use All Your Senses In The Bedroom”

From what we’re taught in sex-ed, to portrayals in porn and popular media, it’s easy to get the impression that sex means penetration—perhaps with stops along the way for making out and manual or oral stimulation. But sex can be so much more!

Tuning in to the sensual aspects of sex, can bring a new level of richness and intimacy to sex play. It can also be a creative way…..Read More

“5 Advocates Who Are Taking The Shame Out Of STIs” - By NATALIA LUSINSKI

Despite the messages we get from our sex-negative culture, it's easy to think sexually transmitted infections (STIs) won’t affect you. But STIs can affect anybody — they don’t discriminate. At first, getting an STI diagnosis can be scary, surprising, shameful, you name it. That's why it's so important to have the right resources and support to fight through the stigma surrounding STIs.

Luckily, there are certain advocates out there who will make getting the news — and living with an STI — more manageable and less stigmatized…..Read More

"Written Descriptions of Orgasm: A Study of Sex Differences" - Ellen Belle Vance, Ph.D., 1 and Nathaniel N. Wagner, Ph.D. 1

It has generally been assumed that a male's experience of orgasm is different from a female's experience of orgasm. In this study, a questionnaire consisting of 48 descriptions of orgasm (24 male and 24 female) was submitted to 70 judges. These professionals (obstetrician-gynecologists, psychologists, and medical students) were to sex-identify the descriptions to discover whether sex differences could be detected. The judges could…..Read More