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Every so often we run across a member that just has to have the high-beams shown upon them for the work they are doing. When we find this member we make it a point to showcase their talents, as well as a couple embarrassing secrets on our site.

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We have a Winner!

Say hello to Greg Dudzinski. Our first winner of the member spotlight. We took some time to ask Greg a couple questions so our members could get to know Greg better. Feel free to reach out to Greg as we have included his info below.



                    "Detroit's Love Guru"


What is your name and title, any nicknames?:

Greg Dudzinski, MS, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, Relationship & Sex Specialist. "Detroit's Love Guru"

SHA - What a mouthful!

How old are you?:

49 years young

Can you tell us some Random Facts:

Well, doing what I do and being Divorced for awhile might seem counterintuitive, but my clients are very cool, and believe I can provide more insight into their challenges. -  We agree Greg, thats just an added benefit and additional insight you can provide your clients.
I also host my own radio show: The Art of Relationships Radio Show via live Streaming where I take Q&A from the listeners and viewers.
I used to breed rare lizard species years ago!

What are you grateful for?:

I am very humbled to receive numerous client referrals from former and current clients and that is something i never take for granted! I am not a "textbook" therapist by any means and very real, down-to-earth, and do not use a lot of pyscho-babble terminology with my clients. People feel very comfortable and are able to open up quickly with this approach.

What are some of your Biggest Accomplishments:

Author of "The Relationship Guide: Tools to Ignite Love & Intimacy" - This was written for the Detroit News, Your Tango, Huffington, and a few other publications.

What does being a member of the SexualHealthAlliance mean to you?: 

Being a member has been terrific and meeting other great professionals and sharing ideas, plus the networking with the Great Lakes Region and Great Lakes Events of SHA has been terrific!

What is your Biggest Fear?:

As a single male, it is often a struggle to have to battle the financial stresses of running a business and a practice alone.

Alright Greg, how can members get ahold of you and your material?: - Wednesdays at 9pm eastern on Facebook
Loves Essence: The Relationship Guide
The Relationship Guide: Tools to Ignite Love & Intimacy




SHA - Thank you for being so open and candid with us Greg! We look forward to our next Member Spotlight. Submit your applications here